Jefferson Candlelight

The Governor’s House

321 N. Walnut Street, Jefferson, TX,

This home was built in 1868 as a wedding gift to Charles A. Culberson, a gift from his Father, who lived in the house next door. Culberson later became a U. S. Senator and Governor of Texas.  The family of Jesse M. DeWare, Jr., squared the L-Shaped home, bringing the detached kitchen and dining room into the north side, and maintained it through two generations.  The home served as a popular B&B during the late 1900’s, and was extensively, re-leveled, renovated, re-plumbed, and rewired, mostly by the Golden’s, who also gave it the present name.  With twelve foot ceilings, heart pine floors, and a beautifully remodeled kitchen, you will truly be stepping back in time. The current owners, retired artists Howard and Linda Blatch, have been living in, and restoring Historic Homes for forty six years. The family’s collection of antiques and flint glassware is something you won’t want to miss. Click here to purchase Candlelight Tour of Homes® tickets…